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7 Reasons to Hire a Driveway Repair Company

You’re sick of looking at the cracks in your asphalt driveway, and you’re ready to make repairs. But you’re not sure whether to do the job yourself, pay a few bucks to a guy who paves on the weekend or find a professional paving company. 

DIY may be tempting, and hiring a discount paver may have its appeal, but there are at least seven excellent reasons why you should seriously consider hiring a driveway repair company. 

1. Safety 

Often individuals or companies who make driveway repairs as a side job have less specialized equipment than a professional paving service will use. Using inferior tools will result in subpar work, which could impact the safety of your family.  

The surface may be too slick with little if any texture to allow for grip. Slippery surfaces are dangerous on heavily sloped wet driveways. Even on relatively flat driveways, they can be risky to walk on after rain or snow.  

Do you want to risk being sued by the pizza delivery guy just because you tried to save a few bucks on paving? Isn’t it better to minimize your exposure to costly lawsuits by ensuring that your driveway is as safe as possible? 

2. Durability 

If you get your buddy to help you repair your damaged driveway, are you sure that you won’t have to repeat the job next year? A properly repaired surface should last for years. When you have professionals handle the paving, they can give you a reasonable estimate of how long your driveway can go between repairs.   

Their estimate comes from years of experience of paving similar driveways as yours that will see use under similar conditions.

3. Speed 

How long will it take someone who paves only on the weekend to finish repairing your driveway? If it’s a one or two-person business, a personal crisis could mean that they would have to postpone your work. That can happen even if they’re in the middle of the project.  

A professional paving service would never leave you with half a driveway. If someone on the crew becomes ill or needs to take care of family matters, there’s always someone else to step in. Your driveway will start on an agreed-upon date and then end within an estimated time period.  

You’ll be able to plan your life rather than keeping it on hold, wondering when your “paving guy” is going to return to complete the job.

4. Knowledge 

A lot of people who offer paving services don’t specialize in paving. They are jacks of all trades. Knowing something about a great many things is commendable, but when it comes to asphalt paving, there’s an advantage to specializing.  

Companies whose primary focus is paving will accumulate more knowledge and skills in their area of expertise. They will have more experience tackling a wider variety of issues than will part-timers. 

In the world of medicine, there’s a reason why it’s not the general practitioners who perform open-heart surgery. That’s left to heart specialists. We’re not saying that paving asphalt is as serious or as imposing as heart surgery, but, like surgical emergencies, it belongs in the hands of someone thoroughly knowledgeable in that field. 

For example, will a part-timer know the precise temperature that a particular asphalt demands? Will he know how to repair the surface to account for water runoff? 

Please don’t allow the attempt to save money to drive you into the hands of companies who take paving jobs as a supplement to their regular work. Instead, trust your driveway to professionals.

5. Professionalism 

Professional pavers who pride themselves on the quality of their work are more likely than part-timers or amateurs to extend themselves to make sure the job meets a high standard. For example, they will gladly do so if they have to return to make a minor correction.  

On the other hand, people who don’t pave for a living are less likely to return to make changes. They would prefer to move on to their next carpentry, roofing, or plumbing job.

Why? Because they wouldn’t get paid for making the corrections to your drive. In fact, they would be losing money because the extra time spent with you is time away from their more lucrative projects.

6. Reliability 

How many driveways has the contractor repaired? Are there pictures of these driveways on their company web pages? Are there testimonials from happy customers

If contractors have no evidence to support their claims of competence, how do you know that they’re qualified? And if that’s the case with companies, it’s even more so with amateurs. Do you want to place your driveway in the hands of someone without a provable track record? 

It’s better only to select a professional asphalt paving company that can shower you with evidence of their success. A business like that is proud of its work and is eager to show off its projects.

7. Beauty 

All asphalt driveways aren’t created equal. Unfortunately, part-time pavers are more likely to think so. They may believe that as long as there’s a solid surface on which a car tire can roll freely, their job is done. 

Conversely, professional pavers feel that at that point, their job is just beginning. They’re not satisfied with meeting the minimum requirements for a driveway. They take as much pride in making your driveway a thing of beauty as your landscaper does in making your lawn appealing.  

To achieve a gorgeous asphalt driveway requires the type of skill that only comes from practicing the art form of professional paving every day as opposed to maybe once or twice a year.  

It’s Time to Call a Driveway Repair Company  

No homeowner wants an unsightly and dangerously cracked driveway. However, you should avoid handing the repair job to just anyone. Make sure your job is done correctly by hiring a professional asphalt driveway repair company like Washington Pavements. 

Are you ready to correct the flaws in your driveway? Contact us today so we can make your driveway look once again the way it should.